How to make an expandable box with images and css

Revised on: October 06, 2016

Learn how to make rounded boxes with CSS and images This tutorial will cover the basics of how to make an expandable box in CSS. The advantages of using an expandable box are many. One is that when the browser window is restored down, the box will change its size to accommodate the browser window. Another is to make your website adjust to different monitor resolutions. These days, we are being bombarded with a large number of devices, and monitor innovations that web designers must adjust to. Many people are beginning to use handheld devices to view web pages and many LCD monitors are being sold that are widescreen and very high resolutions. Making a website elastic or fluid, s   . . .   Read More

What web agencies should never do to their customers

Revised on: February 19, 2014

What web agencies should never do to their customomers Countless times while helping customers as a tech support representative, I heard much grief and frustration about how their previous Web Agency caused them damages and how they would not help them with their website. Why do I hear so much from customers in the internet field about how they were wronged by a Web Agency. It seems many Web Agencies create tactics to force their customers to pay more money, instead of dealing appropriately with the customer. Below are some tactics Web Agencies have used to force their customers into an endless cycle money bleeding and grief.   . . .   Read More

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