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Goodbye Virginia Hello Michigan

Revised on: August 16, 2023

Michigan State Flag Changing locations and establishing yourself in a new town is always a challenge. After 2 years of a Pandemic and sending my children on their way to live on their own, I finally have the time to focus on my own goals in life. It goes without saying that the Pandemic was detrimental to everyones life. This was especially true for gig and freelance workers. The Pandemic caused an incredible loss in my freelance clientele. Ironically, prior to the Pandemic, my son was offered an incredible opportunity in Michigan. These are some examples of events that led to my departure from Virginia. Leaving Virginia Beach As beautiful as Virginia Beach is, it is a ci   . . .   Read More

What web agencies should never do to their customers

Revised on: February 19, 2014

What web agencies should never do to their custstomers Countless times while helping customers as a tech support representative, I heard much grief and frustration about how their previous Web Agency caused them damages and how they would not help them with their website. Why do I hear so much from customers in the internet field about how they were wronged by a Web Agency. It seems many Web Agencies create tactics to force their customers to pay more money, instead of dealing appropriately with the customer. Below are some tactics Web Agencies have used to force their customers into an endless cycle money bleeding and gr   . . .   Read More

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