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On August 16, 2021 InMotion changed the username on the remainder of my articles from "JamesR" to "InMotion Hosting Contributor." I was able to compile this list of articles before they did that. These are the articles I wrote for tech support and for the Customer Community at Inmotion Hosting. Below is the full list of articles I wrote at the InMotion Hosting Support Center

How to Align and Float Images with CSS
Links to 10 Free Prestashop template websites
W3 Total Cache – Guide to WordPress Caching
Simple CSS Drop Down Menu
How to Connect to a Database with MySQL Workbench
How to Create a Custom PHP Contact Form with Validation
How to Connect to your Server via FTP with Notepad++
How to Fix the 550 No Such User Here Email Error
How to find what is using the most disk space on my server
How to Display and Log PHP Errors
How to Add mod_expires to your .htaccess
How to duplicate a WordPress Site for Development and Testing
Cross Browser Compatibility Problems
How to change the DokuWiki logo
Managing User Accounts in MediaWik
Changing the Moodle admin password through PhpMyAdmin
Adding the Viewpoint Meta Tag to the Responsive Template
How to Change Moodle Logo and Footer
How to upgrade joomla 1.5 to 2.5
File corruption during ftp transfer ASCII vs. BINARY
How to enable SSH through WHM
How to Restart Your Linux Server (3 Easy Methods)
How to fix the fopen and magicquotes error in Prestashop
How do I comment my HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP code?
Common Moodle Installation Errors and How to Fix Them
Windows Live "One or more messages in your Outbox" error
Setting up an SMTP Connection in Moodle
How to insert images into MediaWiki
SMTP and ESMTP Error Code List
Connect to MySQL With HeidiSQL
Adding Attributes to products in OpenCart 1.5
How to Remove Moodle Logos From Footers
How does the shared SSL work?
How to install Moodle 2.3.2 manually
How to turn magic_quotes_gpc off
Clearing or Purging the cache from Moodle 2.3
Create email account error: No such file or directory
How to connect to MySQL with Navicat
How to Permanently Stop Spam with SpamCop
Changing the theme in osCommerce
Uninstalling or removing a Moodle plugin
Setting the Moodle login to work over HTTPS
How to upgrade your PHP version
Customizing the Moodle Frontpage Appearance
Changing the Document Root for Your Domain
Changing the CSS in MediaWiki
Configuring the Navigation block in Moodle
How to Change the Header Image in WordPress
How to Lookup WHOIS Information for a Domain
Responsive web design (RWD) and Responsive Templates
How to create pages in MediaWiki
How to change the logo in MediaWiki
Changing the DokuWiki template
How to Change Moodle Logo in Header and Footer via Code Edits
Creating user level filtering in cPanel
How to edit and delete DokuWiki pages
Importing or Uploading users in Moodle
How to create namespaces in DokuWiki
How to add Related Products in OpenCart
308: Making a duplicate Drupal test site
How to manage users in DokuWiki
How to Change the WordPress Title and Tagline
Check Your Server Information on a VPS or Dedicated Hosting account
Inserting an image slider in Moodle
Forcing Moodle 2.3 to work over SSL
Redirecting visitors to an Under Construction page
Formatting images in MediaWiki
Managing passwords and usernames in MediaWiki
Exporting or Downloading users in Moodle
Adding the Bootstrap Menu Buttons to your Responsive Template
How to Delete an AWStats Data File
How to insert an iFrame / YouTube video in PHP-Fusion
How to create pages in DokuWiki
Editing the Footer in MediaWiki
How to Change Fonts in Moodle
Editing User profile fields in Moodle
How to log into the Moodle Administrator Dashboard
How to Enrol a student in a Moodle course
Understanding Linux Inode basics
Check Your Server Information on a VPS or Dedicated Hosting account
Install the mbstring PHP Extension with EasyApache 3
Fixing the Save Sessions Path for WordPress eCommerce plugins
Changing the Default My Moodle page
Custom CSS Styles with the Bootstrap Theme Roller
Installing the osCommerce Theme Switcher
Debug Google Analytics with Google Analytics Debugger
How to format content in DokuWiki
Connecting with SCP and SFTP
What if I forgot my DokuWiki username or password?
How to disable blogging features in WordPress
Importing and Exporting questions in the Moodle Question Bank
Enabling Error Reporting in Moodle
How to change the Username and Password in Moodle
Twitter Bootstrap Common classes and HTML styles
Cache Mobile pages with the WordPress Super Cache and WPTouch Plugin
311: Fixing the “An unrecoverable error occurred” error in Drupal
Language code list for PHP programs
How to format TikiWiki page content
How to Create Users in Moodle
How to install the Secure Folder wp-content/uploads plugin for WordPress
Removing the DokuWiki footer buttons and text
Creating Attribute Groups in OpenCart 1.5
How to change the osCommerce admin password
WordPress BulletProof Security plugin configuration
Communicating with an email server using TELNET
Changing the Course Grade Settings for the User Report in Moodle
Installing MediaWiki manually
Removing the Guest login button from the Moodle login page
How to edit the Front page settings in Moodle
How to Install the Wordfence WordPress Security Plugin
How to delete and rename namespaces in DokuWiki
How to install a free theme to your PHP-Fusion site
How do I Upload a File to my Server?
How to Change Moodle Themes
How to view the source code of your website
Hotlink or Direct link to files on the server
Removing and deleting Categories in Moodle
Creating an Image Gallery in MediaWiki
Setting up ClamAV AntiVirus for Moodle file uploads
Controlling user access for edit pages in DokuWiki
How to Upload a Database That’s Larger Than 50MB
How to Get Public and Private Keys for Google reCAPTCHA
How to Install a Plugin in Moodle
DokuWiki Basic Settings: Site title, Site URL, and License
Finding your Email Settings in cPanel or Webmail
How to change/reset my PHP-Fusion password
Creating a Backup of Moodle
How to change MediaWiki skins
Removing the branding from the osCommerce footer
Allowing Guest access without logging into Moodle
Changing the content background style in osCommerce
How to create a Multiple choice question in Moodle
Enable / Disable maintenance mode in Moodle
How to create and edit categories in Moodle
Completely disabling Comments from WordPress in the code
Setting up the Configurable Reports Block in Moodle
Configuring notification methods for incoming messages in Moodle
Configuring notification methods for incoming messages in Moodle
Modifying Site Administrators in the User permissions section of Moodle
Inserting media into Moodle
Inserting an iframe with the iframe plugin in DokuWiki
AWStats: Unable to update the log error
Installing the Configurable reports block in Moodle
I forgot / How to reset Moodle 2.3 username or password
Installing plugins in DokuWiki
Installing osCommerce Manually
Browsing and filtering users in the Moodle Site Administration
Changing the Grader Report / Gradebook preferences in Moodle
Responsive template design with the jQuery Theme Roller
Adding Google Analytics to osCommerce
Adding and Deleting blocks from the Moodle sidebar
Securing your osCommerce contact form with the Simple Captcha Add-On
How to use the menu plugin in DokuWiki
Inserting internal and external links in DokuWiki
Inserting an iframe in the Moodle Frontpage
Manually installing a theme for Moodle 2.3
How to insert images into a DokuWIki page
Defining Roles in Moodle
Changing the background image in osCommerce
Hotlink protect files in the .htaccess and cPanel
Changing theme preferences in TikiWiki
PHP-Fusion Main Site Settings Overview
Installing a Language pack in Moodle
Switching your PHP-Fusion theme
Changing the banner/logo in PHP-Fusion
Adding pages to MediaWiki namespaces
How to connect your CMS to SMTP email
Removing the Sidebar Links/Widgets in WordPress *Arnel did not write this*
How to log into DokuWiki
Styling a Responsive Template with jQuery Theme Roller
How to import a database through shell
Redirecting pages in DokuWiki
Inserting a Calculated question in the Moodle Question Bank
Javascript failure due to jQuery update
How do I remove links in my builder menu? *The builder is no longer supported*
Remove or restore a template in the Builder *The builder is no longer supported*
How do I embed a YouTube video in my Builder? *The builder is no longer supported*
Movable Type: Dynamic and Static Publishing
Importing Blogger data into WordPress
Editing the TopBar, SideBar, and Footer with TikiWIki Modules
Creating Cohorts in the Moodle site administration
Creating structures or table of contents in TikiWiki
Changing the Course defaults in Moodle
Creating categories in the Moodle Question Bank
Adding / Removing account access features in MediaWiki
Fixing the jQuery version in osCommerce
Blocking IP’s in the Moodle Site administrator
Nivo Carousel Scroll Settings
Fixing the Allowed memory size exhausted error
Installing TikiWiki manually
Deleting and restoring pages in MediaWiki
Inserting a custom CSS menu in DokuWiki
How Do I Diagnose JavaScript Errors on My Site?
Adding a Calculated multichoice question in the Moodle Question Bank
Change MediaWiki interface language
Changing the osCommerce logo
What are the Moodle Course settings?
The RBL Checker for DNS Blacklisting
Upgrading Moodle Using Softaculous
How to Create Wildcards and datasets in Moodle
How to Install WordPress using Softaculous *Arnel did not write this article*
Adding questions to a Moodle quiz using the Question bank
Inserting a slideshow in MediaWiki
This user has not specified a valid e-mail address error: MediaWiki
Renaming pages and Structures in TikiWiki
How to Install the Wordfence WordPress Security Plugin
Managing Blocks within Moodle 2.3
Fixing “The specified forum image does not exist” error in phpBB
Changing the Appearance of the Calendar in Moodle
Adding the S5 Presentation slide show plugin to DokuWiki
Installing Moodle with Softaculous
Step 2: Adding CSS styles to a Responsive Template
Adding a Remote RSS Feed block in Moodle
Best practice for naming files in Linux
Running bulk user actions in Moodle
Deactivating and Disabling Widgets in WordPress
Viewing the User Report in Moodle 2.3
How to log into MediaWiki
Installing the Multilingual Plugin for DokuWiki
Creating a Custom Grade Scale in Moodle
Using the Kitchen Sink in WordPress
How to change the Admin password for Mambo
Manually changing a grade in the Moodle Grader report
Installing the captcha plugin in DokuWiki
Adding posts to the News Forum in Moodle
Using Multiple PHP Versions
Adding Attributes to Attribute Groups in OpenCart 1.5
Creating Short Answer Questions in Moodle
List of Programs in Softaculous Instant Installer
Installing the Modern Contact plugin in DokuWiki
Configuring the Multilingual Plugin in DokuWiki
Editing the User profile in the My Profile Settings of Moodle
Google AdWords Voucher Redemption
Creating an Essay question in the Moodle Question bank
Mbstring error: Uncaught exception Zend_Search_Lucene_Exception
Placing an External URL using the Moodle URL module
Setting up a Matching Question in Moodle 2.3
Adding and removing redirects in MediaWiki
How to Add the Quiz Module in Moodle
Assigning system roles in Moodle
Using HTML5 to add videos
Checking user permissions in Moodle
Installing DokuWiki Manually
Tiki Wiki Channel
How to format content in MediaWiki
How to enable and insert an iframe in TikiWiki
Managing the Moodle question bank
Comments block configuration in Moodle
.htaccess file reference list
My TikiWIki login is not working
Installable Software Reference
Configuring the User Permission policies in Moodle
Introduction to Creating a Responsive Web Design
Changing the Admin password in PHP-Nuke
Editing the summary on the Moodle Frontpage
How to Permanently Stop Spam with SpamCop
How to change the TikiWiIki logo
How to upgrade TikiWiki from 9.2 to 9.3
Allowing email reuse in phpBB
How to Manage Your Files on Your Server
How to reset / wipe clean the files on My Account?
Creating and editing pages in TikiWiki
Viewing the Moodle Grader report or Gradebook in the Quiz administration
Installing MediaWiki with Softaculous
How to delete and restore pages in TikiWIki
Moodle Question Bank Overview
Setting up a Calculated Simple question in Moodle 2.3
What is DokuWiki?
What is DokuWiki?
How Do I Move Files on My Server?
How to change and upload a theme for TikiWiki
Installing a theme in Zencart
Uploading and Hotlinking images in TikiWiki
Making a Description question in the Moodle
Premium Website Builder Reaches End-of-Life
What Are the Best eCommerce Plugins for WordPress?
Should I upgrade to Joomla 3.1?
How to enable reCAPTCHA in MediaWiki
How to edit the News Forum in a Moodle Course
Restoring Moodle from a backup
InMotion Hosting Pre Website Transfer checklist
Allow editing for the TikiWiki anonymous user
Configuring the ContactPage Extension in MediaWiki
Creating H1, H2, and H3 headlines in the Builder
User Administration in TikiWiki
Step 3: Links to the stylesheets in Responsive Templates
Adding a content page in the Moodle Lesson module
Setting up the Multilingual feature in TikiWiki
Installing PHP-Fusion manually
Moodle Blocks Overview
I Forgot my Account Management Panel (AMP) Password
Site Administrator Grades and Report settings Overview
How do I insert a Youtube video in TikiWiki
Enabling a Captcha for TikiWiki anonymous visitors
Creating a discussion with the Moodle Forum module
Adding questions to the Lesson module in Moodle
Creating a True/False question in Moodle 2.3
How to add the Featured Links menu in the TikiWiki
Free Responsive templates with jQuery Theme Roller styles
osCommerce 404 base href Googlebot error
This site cannot be published to the specified location
PHP files do not show the changes
Adding a contact form to TikiWiki
How Do I Delete a File on My Server?
Building a Lesson in Moodle
Google flagged site due to mod_userdir
Copying the php.ini from a different PHP version
Moodle 2.3 Plugin Overview
Movable Type permissions changing to 666
Redirecting pages in TikiWiki
How to change the admin language in TikiWiki
What is a SpamBot?
Working with the calculated question Tolerance in Moodle 2.3
How to configure SMTP in Mambo
Embedding a Youtube video in Moodle
Restrict public access to your php.ini
How to subscribe to folders in Squirrel Mail
Adding a Logo to your Movable Type site
How to change the DokuWiki admin language
How to change the theme in PHP-Nuke
Adding inline CSS to the builder *The builder is no loger supported*
Editing the Footer Banner module text in Movable Type
How to create a contact form in Mambo
How to change the theme in Movable Type
How to edit MediaWiki pages
Managing Enrollments in the Moodle plugins
Maintenance ecbiz111 failover to backup hardware
Making pages for courses with the page module in Moodle
How to Install PHP-Nuke with Softaculous
Changing the default grade letters in Moodle
How do I add an Assignment to a Course in Moodle
How do I add links to my sidebar in the Builder?
Adding the File Resource Module to Moodle Courses
Comments block configuration in Moodle
Edit Topic, Weekly, Social Formatted Courses in Moodle
How to create a Numerical Question in Moodle 2.3
How to enable reCAPTCHA in MediaWiki
Installing PHP-Fusion with Softaculous
How do I contact my WordPress theme developer
Add sidebar sublinks in the Builder *The builder is no longer supported*
How to Disable Comments in WordPress
Creating a Glossary for a Moodle Course Section
How do I embed a YouTube video in my Builder? *The builder is no longer supported*
How to insert an Image in Movable Type
Logging into TikiWiki
Adding the Lesson module to a course in Moodle
Installing TikiWiki through Softaculous
How to edit a page in Movable Type
How to set a Course to a specific Category in Moodle
Adding the Bootstrap files to your Responsive Template
Basic MediaWiki site overview
Labeling Activities and Resources with the label Module in Moodle
The RBL Checker for DNS Blacklisting
How to Install the Wordfence WordPress Security Plugin
Moodle Activity or Resource Overview

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